A long story.

Building on his father Leopold's business, Wilhelm Jungmann founded a small tailor's accessories store in 1866, which developed quickly into one of the most renowned fabric stores in the world.

In 1881, our company moved to its current location in the
heart of Vienna. In the same year, the company was awarded the title of Imperial and Royal Purveyor to the Court. Wilhelm Jungmann & Neffe is the only surviving Viennese fashion salon from the 19th century - mainly due to its unconditional dedication to the product.

Today, as the oldest fabric store in the city, we continue to offer an selection of fabrics, as well as silk and cashmere accessories produced exclusively on the European continent. Welcome!

  • Quality

    We source all our products from Italian, English and French suppliers with whom we have maintained a personal relationship for decades.

  • Sustainability

    Our products impress with their timeless elegance and high-quality finish. If treated with care, your grandchildren will also be delighted!

  • Tradition

    We have been a family-run business for seven generations and pass on our knowledge from druid's mouth to druid's ear.